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Energy Cost for an Appliance Calculator

Estimate the energy use and cost to operate an appliance.

It is actually a bit shocking how much the cost can be to run various appliances in a home. Some of them may be relatively cheap to operate but if you add all of them together, wow!

A Utility Company charges a certain amount of money for the usage of electricity. This rate can be different depending on what time of the day you use your appliances.

Example. Off Peak hours 0.069 kWh. Peak hours 0.14kWh
Alternately there could be a stepped rate based on a different amounts of usage during a certain amount of time.

Example for the first 1200 kWh used per 30 days the charge =
Step 1; $0.0829 per kWh for first 1,350 kWh in an average two month billing period
Step 2: $0.1243 per kWh over the 1,350 Step 1 threshold.

Examples of annual/monthly costs of operating various devices and appliances according to BC Hydro on the bottom of the page.

Appliance/Electrical Device Cost of Operating

Watt Value W
Hours hr
Cost per kWh $/kWh
Number of Days #


Energy Used kWh
Cost $

The Calculator

  1. wattage value (the amount of power to operate an electrical appliance expressed in watts)
  2. hours (the average number of hours of usage in a day)
  3. kWh cost (your utility rate. Cost you are charged per kWh)
  4. number of days (the amount of days you wish to calculate for)

The Results

  1. energy used (based on wattage of the appliance, hours per day of usage and time period of usage, number of days)
  2. the cost of energy used based on the kWh rate.

Note: 1 min = 0.0166666667 hrs

Annual cost using the lower Step 1 rate of 8.29 cents per kilowatt hour for some common appliances:

  • Clothes dryer (6,200W, 8 cycles/week): $78
  • Toaster (1,100W toaster, 5 minutes/day): $3.19
  • Coffee maker (1,500W, brewing 10 minutes/day, warming 1 hour/day): $9.62
  • Old refrigerator (380W, 24 hours/day): $118
  • 15 incandescent light bulbs (600W, 3 hours/day): $68
  • TV 42" LCD (132W, 5 hours/day): $20
  • Clothes washer (700W, 35 loads/month): $32
  • Computer & 17" LCD Monitor (24 hours/day, no power management): $73
  • Dishwasher (1,200W, using heat dry cycle 20 hour/month): $30
  • Cooling & Heating: Monthly costs

Monthly cost using the lower Step 1 rate of 8.29 cents per kilowatt hour

  • Floor fan (75W, 10 hours/day): $1.60
  • Window unit air conditioner (1,00W, 10 hours/day): $13.90
  • Electric space heater (1,400W, 4 hours/day): $13.90

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