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Area and Perimeter

Changing a Circle to a Rectangle

Convert the area of a circle into an rectangle shaped area of the same size. Works much the same way as a circle to square conversion but you will have to enter the width of the rectangle in addition to the circle's diameter.

Circle Formula's

R = D ÷ 2
where R = radius, D = diameter

A = π * D² ÷ 4
where A = area, π = 3.14159..., D = diameter

C = 2 * π * D ÷ 2
where C = circumference, π = 3.14159...., D = diameter

Rectangle Formula's

A = length * width

L = A ÷ W
where L= length, A = area, W = width

P = length * 2 + width * 2

Circle to a Rectangle

Select unit:
diameter of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}
width of rectangle {{selectedunit.m1}}
decimal rounding # of digits in results


circle's radius {{selectedunit.m1}}
area of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}²
circumference of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}
length of rectangle {{selectedunit.m1}}
perimeter of the rectangle {{selectedunit.m1}}


  1. enter the diameter of a circle
  2. the width of the rectangle
  3. number of decimal places required in results


  1. radius of the circle
  2. the area of the circle
  3. the perimeter of the circle (circumference)
  4. the length of the rectangle
  5. perimeter of the rectangle
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