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Changing a Circle to a Square

Its like magic to change a circle into a square, click the button and poof there you have it!!

This calculator converts the area of a circle into a square with four even length sides and four right angles. The calculation is based on the area of the square being the same as the circle's area.

Circle Formula's

R = D ÷ 2
where R = radius, D = diameter

A = π * D² ÷ 4
where A = area, π = 3.14159..., D = diameter

C = 2 * π * D ÷ 2
where C = circumference, π = 3.14159...., D = diameter

Square Formula's

Area = length * length

Side Length
length = √ (CA)
where CA = the area of the circle

perimeter = length * 4

Circle to Square

Select unit:
diameter of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}
decimal rounding # of digits in results


circle's radius {{selectedunit.m1}}
area of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}²
circumference of the circle {{selectedunit.m1}}
side length of the square {{selectedunit.m1}}
perimeter of the the square {{selectedunit.m1}}


  1. enter the diameter of a circle
  2. number of decimal places required in results


  1. radius of the circle
  2. the area of the circle
  3. the perimeter of the circle (circumference)
  4. side of the square's length
  5. perimeter of the square

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