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Calculate the area and perimeter of a kite.

This calculator uses metres for measurements.

A kite is a four-sided shape with two pairs of adjacent sides of equal length.


Kite Area and Perimeter - Metric

Long Diagonal m
Short Diagonal m
A to B Length m
Decimal Precision


Length of Side A to C m
Length of Side C to D m
Area of the Kite
Square Metres
Square Feet ft²
Square Inches in²
Perimeter of the Kite
Metres m
Feet ft
Inches in


  1. the length of the long diagonal in metres
  2. the length of the short diagonal in metres
  3. the length from A to B in feet and or metres
  4. decimal precision, the number of digits after the decimal point


  1. the length of A to C in metres
  2. the length of C to D in metres
  3. the area of the kite in square metres
  4. the area in square feet
  5. the area in square inches
  6. the perimeter of the kite in metres
  7. the perimeter in feet
  8. the perimeter in inches
A = LS/2
P = 2c+2d
where A is the area of the kite
L the long diagonal
S the short diagonal
P the perimeter of the kite
c the length of a side
d the length of the other side

one metre (m) = 3.28083989501312 feet (ft)
one metre (m) = 39.3700787401575 inches (in)
one square metre (m²) = 10.7639104167097 square feet (ft²)
one square metre (m²) = 1550.0031000062 square inches (in²)
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