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Area and Perimeter of an Octagon

Calculate the area and perimeter of a regular octagon. A regular octagon is a shape with 8 even sides and 8 internal angles of 135 degrees, adding up to a total of 1080 degrees.


Area and Perimeter of a Octagon

Select unit:
Side Length {{selectedunit.m1}}
decimal rounding # of digits in results


Area {{selectedunit.m1}}²
Perimeter of Octagon {{selectedunit.m1}}
Short Diagonal {{selectedunit.m1}}
Medium Diagonal {{selectedunit.m1}}
Long Diagonal {{selectedunit.m1}}


  1. enter the length of a side
  2. number of decimal places required in results


  1. area of the octagon
  2. perimeter
  3. short diagonal (Sd)
  4. medium diagonal (Md)
  5. long diagonal (Ld)

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