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Area and Perimeter


Calculate the area and perimeter of a quatrefoil.
This calculator uses feet and or inches for measurements.

Quatrefoil = diameter of the four inscribed circles equal to the radius of the circumscribed circle.

Quatrefoils come in different shapes. The calculations here are based on four circles inside a larger circle (see image)!

Quartrefoil Area and Perimeter

Diameter of the Circumscribed Circle ft in n
Decimal Precision


Area of the Outer Circle ft²
Area of the Quartrefoil
Decimal Square Feet ft²
Square Feet ft² in²
Decimal Square Inches in²
Square Inches in²
Square Metres
Perimeter of the Quartrefoil
Decimal Feet ft
Feet ft in
Decimal Inches in
Inches in
Metres m


  1. the diameter of the circumscribed circle in feet and or inches
  2. decimal precision, the number of digits after the decimal point


  1. the area of the circumscribed circle in square feet
  2. the area of the quatrefoil in decimal square feet
  3. area in square feet and inches
  4. the area in decimal square inches
  5. the area in square inches
  6. the area in square metres
  7. the perimeter of the quatrefoil in decimal feet
  8. the perimeter in lineal feet and inches
  9. the perimeter in decimal inches
  10. the perimeter in inches
  11. the perimeter in metres

A =r²+2 (𝛑r²/4)
where A is the area of the quatrefoil
r the radius of the circumscribed circle
the quatrefoil's perimeter is equal to the circumference of the circumscribed circle

one square foot ( ft²) = 144 square inches (in²)
one square inch (in²) = 0.00694444444444443 square feet (ft²)
one square foot ( ft²) = 0.09290304 square metres (m²)
square inch (in²) = 0.00064516 square metres (m²)
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