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Metric Concrete Self Mix with Moisture Correction

Calculate the material needed to mix concrete based on a mix ratio for pouring a slab. Includes option for moisture correction of aggregate's weights and the adjusted amount of water needed in the mix.

Mixing Ratio Cement #    Sand #    Gravel #
Cement/Water Ratio #
Length of Slab m
Width of Slab m
Depth of Slab mm
Absorption Fine Aggregate %
Moisture Content Fine Aggregate %
Absorption Course Aggregate %
Moisture Content Course Aggregate %


Volume of Concrete Needed
Volume and Weight of Cement kg
Volume and Weight of Sand kg
Volume and Weight of Gravel kg
Total Weight kg

Aggregates and Water after Moisture Correction

Adjusted Weight of Fine Aggregate kg
Adjusted Weight of Course Aggregate kg
Adjusted Amount of Water kg litres

The Calculation

  1. enter your mix ratio's
  2. cement to water ratio
  3. length of slab (metres)
  4. width of slab (metres)
  5. depth of slab (millimetres)
  6. absorption of fine aggregate (%)
  7. total moisture content in fine aggregate (%)
  8. absorption of course aggregate (%)
  9. total moisture content in course aggregate (%)


  1. volume of concrete needed in cubic metres
  2. cement volume and weight (cubic metres and kilograms)
  3. volume and weight of the fine aggregate (cubic metres and kilograms)
  4. volume and weight of the course aggregate (cubic metres and kilograms)
  5. water in litres and kilograms
  6. total weight of concrete mix (kilograms)
  7. adjusted weight of fine aggregate (kilograms)
  8. adjusted weight of fine aggregate (kilograms)
  9. adjusted amount of water needed (kilograms and litres)
Relationship between the compressible strength of concrete and the water to cement ratio.

Ratios for non-air-entrained concrete vary between 0.41 for a 28-day compressible strength of 6000 lb/in 2 (41 MPa) and 0.82 for 2000 lb/in 2 (14 MPa).
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