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Self Mix Concrete Calculator - Imperial

Calculate the materials, including the amount of water needed, from a mixture ratio for on-site mixing of concrete. Calculator uses Imperial measurements and includes results for water needed in US and Imperial gallons. Calculates the amount of concrete needed for pouring a slab.

Mixing Ratio's Cement #    Sand #    Gravel #
Cement/Water Ratio #
Length of Slab ft
Width of Slab ft
Depth of Slab in


Volume of Concrete Needed ft³ yd³
Volume and Weight of Cement ft³ lbs
Volume and Weight of Sand ft³ lbs
Volume and Weight of Gravel ft³ lbs
Water US gal lbs
Water Imp gal
Total Weight of Mix lbs

The Calculation

  1. enter your mix ratio's
  2. cement to water ratio
  3. length of slab (feet)
  4. width of slab (feet)
  5. depth of slab (inches)


  1. volume of concrete needed in cubic feet and cubic yards
  2. cement volume and weight (cubic feet and pounds)
  3. volume and weight of the fine aggregate (cubic feet and pounds)
  4. volume and weight of the course aggregate (cubic feet and pounds)
  5. water in gallons and pounds (US gallons)
  6. water in gallons (Imperial gallons)
  7. total weight of concrete mix

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