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Concrete Volume and Cost Using Bags of Concrete Mix

Spike's Calculators

Calculate the amount of concrete needed using store bought bags of concrete mix for pouring an area in square feet.

Select you bag size, enter the price of one bag of concrete mix, the square footage of the area and required depth.

The Result: Volume of concrete needed in cubic feet and cubic yards, the amount of bags needed and the total cost for the amount of concrete mix bags needed.

Select Bag Size: 40 Lbs
60 Lbs
80 Lbs
90 Lbs
Price of Concrete Mix Bag: $
Square Footage of Area: ft²
Required Depth: in.


Volume Needed in Cubic Feet: ft³
Volume Needed in Cubic Yards: yd³
# of Bags Needed: Bags
Total Cost of Concrete Mix Bags: $
Square Footage of Area
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