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Concrete Needed for a Foundation Wall Using Bags of Concrete Mix

Spike's Calculators

Calculate the amount of concrete needed using store bought bags of concrete mix for pouring a foundation wall.

Select you bag size, enter the price of one bag of concrete mix, and the dimensions of your foundation wall.

The Result: Volume of concrete needed in cubic feet and cubic yards, the amount of bags needed and the total cost for the amount of concrete mix bags needed.

Select Bag Size: 40 Lbs
60 Lbs
80 Lbs
90 Lbs
Price per Bag: $
Length of Wall: ft in.
Height of Wall: ft in.
Wall Thickness: in.


Volume Needed: ft³
Volume Needed in
Cubic Yards:
# of Bags Needed: Bags
Total Cost of
Concrete Mix Bags:
Concrete Needed for a Foundation Wall
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