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Equilateral Triangle Shaped Slab Concrete Volume

Equilateral Triangle

An equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are identical in length, and the three internal angles are 60° each. To calculate the amount of concrete you need for an equilateral triangle-shaped slab, you need to enter the length of a side in metres and the depth of this slab in millimetres.

Equilateral Triangle Volume Calculator - Metric

Length:   m
Depth:   mm
Area:   m ²
Perimeter:   lin M

Amount of concrete needed:

Cubic Metres:   m ³
Cubic Yards:   yd ³
Cubic Feet:   ft ³


  1. enter the length of one side in metres
  2. the slab thickness (depth) in millimetres


  1. the area of the slab in square metres
  2. the perimeter of the slab in lineal metres for forming material
  3. the amount of concrete needed in cubic metres
  4. amount of concrete in cubic yards
  5. the amount of concrete in cubic feet
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