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Footing and Wall Section Concrete Calculator - Metric

Use this calculator to calculate the volume of concrete needed for a mono pour. In a mono pour you pour the footings and the foundation wall at the same time. It can take a bit more work to put this together but you would save the cost of having a pump truck on site for a second time.

The following images are for use with plywood forms with quick strip ties. The corners are pre made. For an 8" wall the outside corner would be 24" and comes with a matching 16" inside corner. Most common wall heights are anywhere from 2' to 10'. Although you can do mono pours for any heights, using this type of form for a mono type pour after an 8' height would take additional care and time building and pouring the concrete.

How to use this calculator

To use this calculator you need to provide the length, width, and depth of the footing plus the length, height, and required thickness of the foundation wall. Your measurements should be in meters and millimeters, as required.

  • 1 meter = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimeters.
  • Length and height measurements need to be entered in meters.
  • Example: For a wall that is 7575mm long enter it as 7.575 m.
  • Width and depth measurements need to be entered in millimeters.

Footing and Wall Section Calculator

Length of Footing: m
Width of Footing: mm
Depth of Footing: mm
Length of Wall: m
Height of Wall: m
Thickness of Wall: mm

Amount of concrete needed:

Cubic Meters:   m ³
Cubic Yards:   yd ³
Concrete Calculator for a Footing and Foundation Wall Section

When Ordering Concrete

This concrete calculator will help you in estimating the amount of concrete needed for your project. The amount given as needed, does not include any waste. It is recommended, depending on the job you are doing, to add anywhere from an extra 4% to 10% to your concrete order to make sure you have enough concrete to finish the job. Ask when ordering the concrete. They will be able to give you a good idea of what is needed.
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