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Rebar Calculator - Slab, Driveway or Patio

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Calculate the amount of rebar reinforcement needed for slabs and drive ways.

The grid is the horizontal and vertical spacing of your rebar. It assumed in this calculator that they are the same.

Length ft inch
Width ft inch
Grid inch
Splice inch
Waste %


Lineal Feet Rebar: ft
Waste Adds ft
Total Lineal Feet of Rebar ft
# of 20' Lengths of Rebar #

The Calculation

  1. Enter the length. (feet + inches)
  2. Enter the width. (feet + inches)
  3. Enter the grid spacing. (inches)
  4. Enter the required splice (overlap) of your bars. (inches)
  5. Enter a waste factor, if required. (percentage)

The Results

  1. Amount of rebar needed in lineal feet.
  2. the amount the waste factor will add in lineal feet.
  3. lineal feet of rebar plus the amount of waste.
  4. the amount of result 3 divided by 20.
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