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Calculate the amount of Rebar needed for reinforcing a wall.
This calculator assumes that you are using 20 foot long lengths of Rebar.
If your wall is over 20 feet long it will add the amount of overlap required.
If your wall is over 40 feet long it will add 2x the amount of overlap required.
For each additional 20 foot increase of the wall length it will add an additional amount of overlap.
It will do the same for the wall height.
Of course you can cheat a bit but it is based on that your lineal lengths meet each other in the corners and if you are using corner bars they get spliced on at that point.
In addition it calculates for two bars for the top row length wise.

Include Corners for this Wall Section Yes No
Wall Length ft inch
Wall Height ft inch
Wall Thickness inch
Horizontal Rebar Spacing inch
Vertical Rebar Spacing inch
Splice inch
Number of Bars in Footings #
Waste %


Lineal Feet Rebar: ft
Waste Adds ft
Total Lineal Feet of Rebar ft
# of 20' Lengths of Rebar #
# of L Bars #
# of Corners #

The Calculation

  1. Enter the length of the wall. (feet + inches)
  2. Enter the height of the wall. (feet + inches)
  3. Enter the thickness of the wall. (inches)
  4. Enter the horizontal spacing of your bars. (inches)
  5. Enter the vertical spacing of your bars. (inches)
  6. Enter the required splice (overlap) of your bars. (inches)
  7. Enter the amount of bars for your footings.
  8. Enter a waste factor, if required (percentage)

The Results

  1. Amount of rebar needed in lineal feet.
  2. The amount the waste factor will add in lineal feet.
  3. Lineal feet of rebar plus the amount of waste.
  4. The amount of result 3 divided by 20.
  5. Number of L bars.
  6. Number of Corner bars.
Concrete Reinforcement Calculator for Walls
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