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Trapezoid Slab Concrete Calculator


A shape known as a Trapezoid in North America or a Trapezium in the rest of the English-speaking world can come in many shapes but have at least one pair of parallel running sides. To calculate the volume of this shape, you need to enter the lengths of these two sides, the distance between these lengths, and the slab's depth.

Calculator For Trapazoid

Trapazoid Volume Calculator

Length 1: ft  in.
Length 2: ft  in.
Height: ft  in.
Depth: in.

Amount of concrete needed:

Cubic Feet:   ft ³
Cubic Yards:   yd ³
Cubic Meters:   m ³


  1. enter the length of the first parallel running side measured in feet
  2. the length of the second parallel running side in me in feet
  3. the distance between the two parallel running sides in feet


  1. amount of concrete needed in cubic feet
  2. the volume of concrete needed in cubic yards
  3. amount of concrete converted to cubic metres

When Ordering Concrete

This concrete calculator will help you in estimating the amount of concrete needed for your project. The amount given as needed, does not include any waste. It is recommended, depending on the job you are doing, to add anywhere from an extra 4% to 10% to your concrete order to make sure you have enough concrete to finish the job. Ask when ordering the concrete. They will be able to give you a good idea of what is needed.
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