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Minutes per Kilometre to Minutes per Mile

Convert a running pace of minutes per kilometre to minutes per mile.

Conversion factor used:  one kilometre = 1.609344 miles

Example conversion
running pace = seven minutes to run one kilometre

If you can run one kilometre in 7 minutes, multiply the 7 minutes by the kilometre to miles conversion factor to get the number of minutes it will take to run one mile;
7 * 1.609344 = 11.265408
It will take 11.265408 minutes to run a mile.

Convert the 11.265408 minutes to minutes and seconds;
the 11 before the decimal point is the full minute amount. Subtract 11 from 11.265408;
11.265408 - 11 = 0.265408
0.265408 is the number of seconds.

Convert the decimal seconds by multiplying 0.265408 by 60 ( one minute = 60 seconds)
0.265408 * 60 = 15.92448 rounded to 16
It will take you 11 minutes and 16 seconds to run a mile.

Minutes per Kilometre to Minutes per Mile

Minutes per Kilometre min sec


Minutes per Mile min sec


  1. enter the number of minutes and seconds it takes to run one kilometre


  1. the running pace in minutes per mile

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