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Minutes/Mile to Minutes/Kilometre

Convert a running pace in minutes per mile to minutes per kilometre.

Calculate in how many minutes you run a kilometre converted from a minutes per mile speed.

Conversion Factor: 1 mi = 0.621371192237334 km
It takes 12 minutes to run a mile
12 * 0.621371192237334 = 7.456454306848008? --- converting the decimal minute to seconds, there are 60 seconds in a minute so you have to multiply this amount by 60 --- 0.456454306848008?? * 60 = 27.387 rounded to 27 seconds
If it takes you 12 minutes to run a mile, it will take you 7 minutes and 27 seconds to run a kilometre.

Minutes per Mile to Minutes per Kilometre

Minutes per Mile min sec


Minutes per Kilometre min sec


  1. enter the minutes and seconds per mile speed


  1. minutes and seconds per kilometre speed

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