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Deck Material, Joist plus Decking Calculator

Calculates the deck joist and the amount of decking material needed to build a deck.
Results for the amount of material in lineal feet.

Decking Calculator

Decking Calculator

Length ft in
Width ft in
Joist Spacing in
Beam Ply #
Decking Board Width in n


Number of Joist based on Spacing #
Length ft in
Lineal Ft of Joist + Ledge + Rim ft
Lineal Feet of Beams ft
Number of Deckingboards #
Lineal Feet of Deckingboards ft

The Calculation

  1. length of deck (the distance away from the house in feet and inches)
  2. width of deck (feet and inches)
  3. spacing of the deck joist (in inches on centre)
  4. beam ply (number of ply's of the beam)
  5. the width of the decking board (inches)

The Results

  1. number of joist based on spacing
  2. the length of the joist
  3. deck joist needed in lineal feet (in addition to the result for 1 it adds 2 joist for doubling the end ones plus a ledger and rim board in the lineal foot count)
  4. the lineal feet of the beam material
  5. the number of boards for the decking
  6. the lineal feet amount of the decking boards
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