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Amount of Material from a Rectangular Shaped Excavation

Estimate the amount of material from a rectangle-shaped excavation.

As the material is excavated it will increase in volume (bank to loose state). The amount of volume increase depends on the swell or bulking factor of the excavated material.

This calculator uses a preset swell factor percentage for a material consisting of an earth and rock mixture. If you know the swell factor of the material you are excavating you can change the swell factor percentage accordingly.

The formula used: excavated material = L  *W * D ÷ 27 *(SF ÷100)

Sample Calculation
excavation size = 34 feet long by 22 feet wide with an average depth of 6 feet.
The material excavated consists of "Hard Pan" with a swell factor of 25%
34 * 22 * 6 = 4488 cubic feet

converting to cubic yards (there are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard)
4488 ÷ 27 = 166.2 cubic yards

calculating the increase of volume from the swell factor of the material
166.2 * (25 ÷ 100) =
166.2 * (0.25) = 41.6 cubic yards of volume increase
166.2 + 41.6 = 207.8 cubic yards of total volume of excavated material

Rectangle Excavation Material

Length ft
Width ft
Depth ft
Swell Factor %


Excavation Volume in Cubic Feet ft³
Excavation Volume in Cubic Yards yd³
Excavated Material in Cubic Yards yd³


  1. length of excavation in feet
  2. width of excavation in feet
  3. the average depth of excavation in feet
  4. the swell factor of excavated material preset @ 26% (earth rock mix, 75%R 25%E)


  1. the volume of excavation in cubic feet
  2. the volume of excavation in cubic yards
  3. the volume of excavated material in cubic yards

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