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Number of Truckloads (Metric Measurements)

Estimate the number of truck loads it takes to remove excavated material off site.

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This calculator will calculate the volume of excavated material using length and width of the excavation in metres and the excavation depth from an average of four points. It will calculate the volume increase of the material using the swell/bulking percentage from Bank to Loose volume.

Spike's Calculators Truck loads come in large range of sizes.
9 tonne Tipper truck 6 cubic metres of sand or gravel up to 9 cubic metres of mulch
6 wheeler truck 10 cubic metres of sand or gravel and up to 15 cubic metres of mulch
truck and trailer 20 cubic metres of sand or gravel and up to 30 cubic metres of mulch

Number of Truckloads Calculator

Length of Excavation M
Width of Excavation M
Depth Point A M
Depth Point B M
Depth Point C M
Depth Point D M
Material Swell % %
Truck Haul Capacity


Bank Volume
Loose Volume
# of Truck Loads #

The Calculator

  1. Enter the length of the excavation (in metres)
  2. the excavation width (in metres)
  3. A,B,C,D the depth of excavation (in metres)
  4. the swell/bulking percentage of the excavated material(percentage)
  5. truck load capacity (cubic metres)

The Results

  1. The volume of the excavation in cubic metres (cubic metres of Bank Volume)
  2. the volume of the excavated material calculated with swell % (cubic metres in Loose Volume)
  3. Number of truck loads it takes to remove the material.

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