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Grain Volume in a Conical Pile - Metric

Calculate the number of Imperial and US bushels in a cone-shaped pile.
The calculation uses metres for measurements, and the volume results are in litres and cubic feet.

Grain Volume in a Conical Pile
V = 1/3HΠ(D/2)²
where V is the volume in cubic metres
H = the height
Π = 3.14159265
D = the diameter
one cubic metre (m³)  =  1000 litres (L)
one litre (L) = 0.0353146667214886 cubic feet (ft³)
one litre (L) = 0.027496156037386 bushels (bu) Imperial
one litre (L) = 0.0283775932584017 bushels (bu) US

Number of Bushels - Conical Pile - Metric

Diameter at Base m
Pile Height m


Volume in Cubic Metres
Volume in Cubic Feet ft³
Capacity in Litres L
Imperial Bushels bu Imp
US Bushels bu US


  1. enter the diameter at the base of the pile in metres
  2. the height of the pile in the center


  1. volume of the pile in cubic metres
  2. volume of the pile in cubic feet
  3. capacity of the pile in litres
  4. the number of Imperial (Avery) Bushels
  5. the number of US (Winchester) Bushels
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