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Bushels from Metric Tonnes

Convert a commodity weight in metric tonnes to bushels based on a bushel weight in pounds.

Conversion Factors
one metric tonne (t) = 2204.62262184878 pounds (lb advp)
one metric tonne (t) = 0.98420652761106 long tons (long t)
one metric tonne (t) = 1.10231131092439 short tons (tn short)
Example Conversion
12.75 metric tonnes of corn
One bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds

First, convert the metric tonnes to pounds by multiplying 12.75 (t) by 2204.62262184878;
12.75 * 2204.62262184878 = 28108.93842
12.75 tonnes of corn equals 28108.94 pounds of corn.

To get the number of bushels, divide 28108.93842 by the weight of one bushel of 56 lbs;
28108.93842 ÷ 56 = 501.945
There are 502 bushels of corn in 12.75 metric tonnes.

Bushels from Metric Tonnes

The Weight in Metric Tonnes t
Bushel Weight #


Weight Converted to Pounds lbs
Weight in Short Tons tn short
Weight in Long Tons long t
# of Bushels per Metric Tonne #bu/t
# of Bushels #bu


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