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Number of Bushels in a Cylinder Shaped Bin

Estimate the number of bushels in a round grain bin. Calculation includes the volume of the bin in cubic feet and litres. The United States uses the Winchester bushel (1.244456 ft²), and in Canada, they use the Avery bushel ( 1.284349 ft²).

Bushels in a Cylinder Shaped Bin

Number of Bushels-Grain Bin-Round

Diameter ft
Bin Height ft


Bin Volume in Cubic Feet ft³
Litres L
Imperial Bushels bu Imp
US Bushels lbs


  1. diameter of the bin in feet
  2. height of the bin in feet


  1. bin volume in cubic feet
  2. bin volume in litres
  3. number of US (Winchester) bushels
  4. number of Imperial (Avery) bushels

Volume Formula
V = Π (D/2)²H
where V is the volume of the bin
Π = 3.14159
D = the diameter of the bin
H = the height of the bin
one bushel (bu) US = 1.24445601851852 cubic feet (ft³)
one bushel (bu) Imperial = 1.28434922588714 cubic feet (ft³)
one cubic foot (ft³) = 28.316846592 litres (L)

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