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Bushel to Tonne Converter

Convert the weight of a number of bushels measured in pounds to metric tonnes.

Conversion Factors
one pound (lb avdp) = 0.00045359237 metric tonnes (t)
one metric tonne (t) = 2204.62262184878 pounds (lb advp)
one pound (lb avdp) = 0.0005 short tons (tn short)
one pound (lb avdp) = 0.00044642857142857 long tons (long t)
Example Conversion
1260 bushels of wheat @ 60lbs a bushel

Multiply 1260 lbs by 60 to get the total weight in pounds;
1260 * 60 = 75600
1260 bushels of wheat weigh 75600 pounds

Multiply 75600 pounds by the conversion factor of 0.00045359237 to get metric tonnes;
75600 * 0.00045359237 = 34.291583172
1260 bushels of wheat have an approximate weight of 34.29 tonnes

Bushels to Tonnes

Bushel Weight lbs/bu
Number of Bushels #


# of Bushels/Metric Tonne #bu/t
Weight in Pounds lbs
Weight in Metric Tonnes t
Weight in Short Tons tn short
Weight in Long Tons long t


  1. enter the weight of one bushel in pounds
  2. the number of bushels


  1. the number of bushels of this commodity in one metric tonne
  2. the total weight in pounds
  3. the bushel's "pounds" weight converted to metric tonnes
  4. the bushels weight in short tons
  5. the bushels weight in long tons
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