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Kilograms per Hectolitre to Pounds per Bushel

Convert kilograms/hectolitre (kg/hl) to pounds/US bushel (lb/bu US) and pounds/Imperial bushel (lb/bu Imperial).

The US bushel is the Winchester bushel and the Imperial bushel is the Avery bushel.

one bushel (bu) US = 0.352390701668801 hectolitres (hl)
one bushel (bu) Imperial = 0.3636872 hectolitres (hl)
one pound (lb avdp) = 0.45359237 kilograms (kg)
one kg/hL = 0.45359237 ÷ 0.352390701668801 = 1.287185978097443 lb/bu US
one kg/hL = 0.45359237 ÷ 0.3636872 = 1.247204658288771 lb/bu Imperial

Kilograms/Hectolitre to Pounds/Bushel

Kilograms per Hectolitre kg/hl
Decimal Precision #


Pounds per US bushellb/bu US
Pounds per Imperial bushellb/bu Imperial


  1. enter the kilograms per hectolitre amount


  1. the kilograms per hectolitre converted to pounds per US bushel
  2. kilograms per hectolitre converted to pounds per Imperial bushel
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