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Price per Bushel to Price per Metric Tonnes

Calculate a commodities value per metric tonne based on the price per bushel and the bushel weight of the commodity.

Conversion factor used:
one metric tonne (t) = 2204.62262184878 pounds (lb advp)

Example calculation for the number of bushels in a metric tonne.
Wheat @ 60lbs a bushel

Divide the number of pounds in a metric tonne to get the number of bushels that make up a metric tonne;
2204.62262184878 ÷ 60 = 36.7437
It takes 36.7437 bushels of wheat to make one metric tonne.

$/Bushel to $/Metric Tonnes

Bushel Weight lbs/bu
Price per Bushel $/bu


Number of Bushels in a Metric Tonne bu/t
Value of this Commodity per Metric Tonne $/t


  1. the bushel weight in pounds
  2. price per bushel


  1. number of bushels of this commodity in a metric tonne
  2. the value of the commodity per metric tonne
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