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Fencing a Square Shaped Acreage Calculator

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This calculator will calculate the amount of wire and post needed to fence a larger area measured in acres.

Calculation is based on the acreage having 4 even length sides, a square shape.

Post count is based on lineal feet plus one post.
Number of Acres acre
Wire Roll Length ft
Number of Strands in Fence #
Post Spacing ft


Perimeter of Fence ft
# of Rolls Needed #
# of Post Needed #

The Calculation

  1. enter the number of acres
  2. how much wire on one roll ( in feet)
  3. the number of strands
  4. the spacing of the post (in feet)

The Results

  1. the perimeter of the fence in lineal feet
  2. # of rolls of wire needed
  3. the amount of post needed
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