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Picket, Pale Fence Materials (Imperial) Calculator

This calculator will calculate the number of materials needed for a picket (pale) fence. It will calculate the actual post spacing based on max post spacing and the picket spacing on desired picket spacing to create a fence with evenly spaced post and evenly spaced pickets on the good side. If you are building a good neighbour fence, pickets on both sides, it will double the number of pickets needed and you may have to adjust the total amount by one or two pickets needed.

The picket spacing is based on using full-sized pickets. If you want to keep it the same as the desired amount you will have to rip one or two of them to make it work.

The railing material is in lineal feet needed. If you buy the material in a store you will have to figure out how many sections you can get out of one length of material. A mill will most likely sell in cut to size lengths.

Length of Fence ft in n
Number of Rails #
Picket Width in n
Picket Spacing in n
One or Two Sides #
Post Size in n
Max Post Spacing ft in n


Post Spacing ft in
Number of Post #
You need # ft in
Rail Material in Lineal Feet ft in
Number of Pickets #
Spacing of Pickets in

The Calculation

  1. enter the length of the fence (in feet and inches)
  2. number of rails (horizontal supports in between the post for nailing on the pickets. At least 2 are needed)
  3. the width of your picket (in inches)
  4. desired spacing between pickets (in inches)
  5. are pickets installed on one or both sides
  6. the size of the post (in inches)
  7. the max space in between post (in feet and inches)

The Results

  1. number of post needed
  2. spacing in between the post (in feet)
  3. rail material in lineal feet
  4. number of lengths needed and the length in feet (for the railing sections)
  5. number of pickets needed
  6. space in between pickets (in inches. Based on using full pickets)
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