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Calculate a Density in Pounds per Cubic Foot

A density of pounds per cubic foot is a measure of the relationship between weight and volume of an item.

As an example, a cord of firewood measures 8 feet * 4 feet * 4 feet with a volume of 128 cubic feet (ft³). The weight of this pile of firewood = 2500 pounds (lb) and you would like to know the weight of one cubic foot of this firewood?

To get the density of pounds per cubic foot divide the weight in pounds by the cubic feet amount
2500 ÷ 128 = 19.53

This pile of firewood has a density of 19.53 pounds per cubic foot, or one cubic foot of firewood in this pile has a weight of 19.53 pounds

Density of Pounds per Cubic Foot

Length in
Width in
Height in
Weight in Pounds lb


Weight per Cubic Foot lb/ft³


  1. enter the length in inches
  2. the width in inches
  3. the height in inches
  4. total weight in pounds


  1. the weight in pounds per cubic foot
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