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Face Cords

In our conversions for face cords, we use an 8 ft length x 4 ft height and a width of 16 inches for the stack of wood.

A regular cord equals 8 ft long x 4 ft height x 4 ft width; 8 * 4 * 4 = 128. A volume of 128 cubic feet and makes our conversions a third of a regular cord - a stack of wood with a volume of 42.6 cubic feet. However, in a face cord, the width or depth of the stack can be any length.

Face Cord Volume

Depth of Pile in


Volume of Face Cord in Cubic Feet ft³
In Full Cords #
Volume of Face Cord in Cubic Metres


The calculation assumes that you are calculating for a stack of wood where the stack's face is eight feet long and four feet high.
  1. enter the depth or width of the stack of wood in inches


  1. the volume of your face cord in cubic feet
  2. converted to number of cords in your pile of wood (based on regular cord size of 128 ft3;)
  3. volume in cubic metres
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