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Firewood Cords Calculated in Metres

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Calculate the number of cords in your stack of firewood using metric measurements.
One cord of firewood equals 3.6 cubic metres.
One cord of firewood equals 128 cubic feet.
Measure your stack of firewood using metres for length and height and centimeters for depth of the stack.



Length of Woodpile M
Height of Woodpile M
Depth of Woodpile cm


Cubic Metre
Cubic Feet ft³
Cords cords


  1. Enter the length of the Woodpile. (metres)
  2. Enter the height of the Woodpile. (metres)
  3. Enter the depth of the Wood pile. (centimeters)


  1. Cubic Metres of Woodpile
  2. Cubic Feet of Woodpile
  3. Number of Cords in your Woodpile
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