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Moisture Content Measured On A Dry Basis

Dry basis moisture is most commonly used for measuring moisture changes in solid wood products. When measuring the moisture content of the wood on a dry basis, the weight of wood does not include any water. It is the weight of the wood after it is oven-dried. When wood loses or gains moisture, the change in the dry basis moisture is linearly related to the weight loss or gain. In simpler terms, in dry basis moisture measurement, the weight of the wood is a constant and the increase or decrease in weight is directly related to the amount of water the wood contains. Moisture content measured on a dry basis can exceed 100%.

The weight of water as a percentage of the weight of the oven dried wood.
MCdry % = 100*(initial weight-oven dry weight)/oven dry weight
Green Weight lbs
Oven Dried Weight lbs


MC % %
Convert dry basis MC% to wet basis MC%
Moisture content can be measured based on dry basis or wet basis. If the dry basis moisture content %(MCdry) is known it can be converted to wet basis moisture (MCwet) content percentage.
MCcwet% = MCdry/(100 + MCdry)*100;
Dry Basis MC % %


Wet Basis MC % %
Calculating the dry weight from green weight plus moisture content(MCdry).
dry weight = 100 * green weight /(MC dry + 100)
Green Weight lbs
Moisture %


Dry Wood Weight Lbs
Weight of Water Lbs
Amount of Water in Gallons gal
Calculating green weight from dry weight and moisture content.(MCdry)
Green weight = dry weight *(1 + MCdry / 100)
Dry Weight lbs
Moisture %


Green Wood Weight Lbs

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