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Running Speed from Distance in Metres

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Calculate the average running speed from total distance of run in metres and the elapsed time of run.
Running speed results for this calculator are in metres per second and kilometres and miles per hour

run distance = 100 metres
elapsed time = 17.34 seconds
100 ÷ 17.34 = 5.7670126874279123414071510957324 * 3.6 = 20.761
Average speed of run = 20.761 kilometres per hour

Running Speed

Running Distance in Metres m
Elapsed Time
hrs mins secs
Decimal Rounding #


Average Running Speed
Metres per Second m/sec
Kilometres per Hour km/hr
Miles per Hour mi/hr


  1. enter the running distance (metres)
  2. time of run in hours, minutes and seconds
  3. select number of digits required for the result


  1. average speed in metres per second
  2. in kilometres per hour
  3. in miles per hour

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