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Roof Pitch to Degrees

Convert a roof pitch of rise in 12 to the angle of the roof in degrees.

The roof pitch is the slope of a roof expressed as a numerical ratio of a rise in inches in a horizontal run of 12 inches.

Pitch to Angle

Pitch to Angle

Roof Pitch :12


Angle: °


  1. enter rise in inches per foot of horizontal run


  1. the roof angle in degrees


With a 12:12 pitch, the roof rises 12 inches in a 12-inch horizontal run.
A 12 in 12 pitch = 45°

One could be inclined to assume that a 6 in 12 slope would equal half of that, 22.5°. But that would be a wrong assumption!

You are not halving the angle by reducing the rise this way.

A 6 in 12 pitch = 26.5651 degrees.
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