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Quite often you need an engineering degree to use some of the available calculators. We have tried to make it a simpler process so that most people should be able to use these calculators.

To calculate the number of sheaths needed to cover a wall you need to know the square footage of the wall.

Square footage of a wall divided by the square footage of the sheathing (one 4' x 8' sheath = 32 sq ft) equals the number of sheath's needed.

If you have a small opening in your wall then ignore that. Run the sheathing through and cut out the opening afterward.

If you have larger openings in the wall that don't need to be sheathed subtract the square footage of these openings from the total wall square footage. However, by doing this, more than likely you will end up wasting some of the sheathing material and you would need a bit more than the actual calculated amount. Taking that into consideration, you could still end up needing the number of sheaths calculated without subtracting for wall openings.

Length of Wall: ft inch
Height of Wall: ft inch
Wall Openings: ft ²
Cost of one Sheath: $


Total Wall Area Including Openings: ft ²
Total Area Minus Openings: ft ²
Number of Sheaths Needed: #
Cost of Sheathing Material: $

The Calculation

Measure the length of your wall and the height of your wall. Multiply these together to get the total square footage of your wall.

wall length 12' and wall height 8' 
8' x 12'  = 96 square foot.
A sheath measures 4' x 8'. To get the square footage of the sheath multiply 4' x 8' = 32 sq ft
Take the square footage of the wall and divide this amount by the square footage of the sheath.
96 / 32 = 3 . It will take a total of 3 sheaths to cover your wall.

If you have a very small opening in your wall then ignore that.
If there is a 3' x 7' door opening and 4' x 5 ' window then calculate the square footage of these openings. 3' x 7' = 21 sq ft and 4' x 5' = 20 sq ft. Add these two amounts together 21 + 20 = 41 and subtract this combined amount of 41 from your total wall square footage.

96 sq ft of wall - 41 sq ft of openings = 55 sq ft. 55 sq ft is now what you need to cover. 51 / 32 = 1.59. Now it will take 1.59 sheaths to cover your wall. Originally there was no waste involved to cover the wall, but with cutting around the openings you will end up with some useless pieces. But in this case since, most likely you can only buy the sheaths in 4' x 8' size 2 sheaths should be enough for this wall. With different walls and openings you will have to consider adding a waste factor.

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