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Stud Count

Stud Count Framing Calculator

Calculate the number of studs needed for a wall section based on stud spacing and the wall-length measured in feet and inches.

The most common stud spacing with wall framing is 16", 19.2" and 24" on center.

A straightforward calculation, convert the wall length in feet to wall length in inches, divide this amount by the on-centre stud spacing, and add one more stud.

Example calculation
wall length = 24 feet 10 inches
stud framing = 16 inches O.C.

Convert the wall length to inches;
24 * 12 = 288 + 10 = 298
24 feet 10 inches converted to inches = 298 inches.

Divide 298 inches by the stud spacing of 16 inches and add one more to the result to get the stud count;
298 / 16 = 18.625 rounded to 19 plus one = 20
It will take 20 studs to frame this will with 16 inches on centers, stud placement.

Stud Count for Walls

Wall Length ft in
Studs On Center Spacing in o.c.


Number of Studs #


  1. enter the length of the wall in feet and inches
  2. on-center spacing of the studs in inches (preset @ 16")


  1. the number of studs needed
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