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Calculating Fuel Economy - Number of Kilometres from One Dollar

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How many kilometres will you get for a dollar (can be substituted with any currency) spent on fuel? As in, one dollar, how far will that get me with my vehicle?

Calculates the distance you can travel by car on a per-dollar basis.

You will need to know the average litres per 100 kilometres of fuel consumption of your car.

The formula used,
average km/L ÷ $perL = km per dollar
Your average fuel consumption is 8.9 L/100km.
The price of one litre of fuel is 1.95.
You spend $60 on fuel.

First, work out how far a litre gets you;
100 ÷ 8.9 = 11.2359
One litre gets you 11.2359 kilometres of distance travelled.

11.2359 ÷ 1.95 = 5.762
With one dollar, you can travel a distance of 5.762 kilometres

Multiplying the distance per dollar with the amount spent on fuel;
5.762 * 60 = 345.72
The 60 dollars you spend on fuel will get you a distance of 345.72 kilometres.

Fuel Ecomomy; Amount of Kilometres per Dollar Spent

Average Litres/100 Kilometres L/100KM
Price per Litre of Fuel $/L
Money Amount Spent on Fuel $


One Dollar = kilometres
Your Dollar Amount = kilometres


  1. enter the average litres per 100 kilometres
  2. cost of one litre of fuel
  3. amount spend on fuel


  1. the number of kilometres for one dollar
  2. the number of kilometres based on your dollar amount
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