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Height Measurements

Convert your height in inches to other units used for measuring one's height.

If you know how tall you are in feet you can convert these feet to other units used for human body height.

Your Height in Feet to Other Units

Your Height in Feet ft in n


Height in Decimal Feet dec/ft
Your Height in Feet ft
Height in Decimal Inches dec/in
Your Height in Inches in
Your Height in Centimetres cm
Your Height in Metres m


  1. enter your height in feet and inches


  1. your height in decimal feet
  2. your height in feet
  3. your height in decimal inches
  4. your height in inches
  5. your height in centimetres
  6. your height in metres

one foot (ft) = 0.3048	 metres (m)
one foot (ft) =  30.48 centimetres (cm)
one foot (ft) = 12  inches (in)

Height Calculators

Find out how tall you are in various units used to measure the height of humans.
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