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This will work for Miles/Gallons or Kilometres/Litres.

Calculate the mileage and cost of fuel based on odometer reading and a tank of fuel.

For this to work you need to write down the odometer reading the first time you fill up and the cost per gallon/litre of your fuel at this time. After driving for a while and it is time to fill up again take a second odometer reading and the amount of fuel needed to re-fill your vehicle's tank.

Odometer Reading Start #
Price per Gallon/Litre of Fuel $
Odometer Reading @ Second Fill Up #
Amount of Fuel it Takes to Re Fill Your Tank gallons / litres


Number of Miles/Kilometres #
Number of Miles/Kilometres per Gallon/Litre #
Average Cost of Fuel for Mile/Kilometre Driven $

The Calculator

  1. number of miles/kilometres on odometer at fill up
  2. price of fuel per Gallon/Litre at this fill up
  3. number of miles/kilometres on odometer at second fill up
  4. amount of gas needed to fill up vehicle's tank the second time

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