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Unit Price Comparing

Spike's Calculators When you go to the store to buy something most items will come in different sizes. For instances a box of serial will come in a 750 gram size priced @ $4.95. Then in big letters it will say "Club Size" 1.5 kg @ $10.01.

One would expect that there is a saving when purchasing the club size and in most cases there is, but not always!

Or how about a case of beer! The price of a 24 pack is $24,95, a 36 pack $37.95. Which is the better deal?

Unit Price Comparing Calculator

Price for Item$     Item Size or Number of Items #
Price for Item$     Item Size or Number of Items #


Unit Cost of Item $
Unit Cost of Item $

The Calculator

For this calculator to work enter the purchase price of the two items and the unit size in identical units. The type of unit doesn't matter as long as they are the same, oz to oz, lb to lb, gram to gram, pair to pair etc.

1 kilogram = 1000 grams
750 grams enter as 750
1.5 kilograms enter as 1500

1 litre = 1000 millilitres
300 millilitres enter as 300
1.6 litres enter as 1600

10 pair of socks cost $2.11
20 pair of socks cost $4.33
enter the amount and then the number of socks.

The Results

A popup will tell you which item has the lower unit price. Close the popup and the unit prices will be shown.
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