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Insulating Using Blown Insulation - Metric Measurements

Calculate the RSI value, the metric equivalent of the R value for blown insulation. To convert an R value to RSI divide the R value by 5.67826.

Attic/Ceiling Insulation-Blown/Plus Cost Metric Measurements

Length m
Width m
Coverage/Volume per Bag m ³
RSI value per 25.4 mm of depth mm
Required RSI value #
Price of One Bag $


Square Metres of Area
Applied Depth of Insulation mm
Settled Depth mm
Volume of Insulation Needed
Bags Needed #
Cost of Insulation $

The Calculation

  1. the length of the area (metres)
  2. the width of the area (metres)
  3. the coverage of one bag (cubic metres)
  4. RSI value based on 25.4 millimetres depth (settled)
  5. the desired RVI value
  6. the cost of one bag


  1. the square metres of the area
  2. applied depth of insulation (the height of placing the insulation before it settles in millimetres)
  3. required depth of insulation (settled depth in millimetres)
  4. volume of insulation needed (in cubic metres)
  5. number of bags needed (# whole plus partial bags)
  6. cost of the material (based on whole bags needed)

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