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Dropped (Suspended) Ceiling Materials - Metric

Dropped ceiling materials calculator using metric measurements. Results are based on calculations made from measurements and could vary slightly, depending on how you choose to lay out your grid.

Dropped (Suspended) Ceiling

Dropped Ceiling Metric Measurements

Ceiling length A is the length that runs at a right angle to the joist direction.
Tile Size 600mm x 600mm
600mm x 1200mm
Ceiling Drop Measured in Millimetres mm
Wall Angle m
Main T's Length m
Ceiling Length A
(measured perpendicular to joist)
Ceiling Length B
(measured in direction of the joist)


Perimeter of Ceiling m
Square Metres of Ceiling
Number of Rows Main T's #
Tiles Needed 600mm x 600mm #
Tiles Needed 600mm x 1200mm #
Lengths of Wall Angles Needed #
Lengths of Main T's Needed #
Cross T's 1200mm #
Cross T's 600mm #
Tie Wire Support Anchors #
Lineal Metres of Tie Wire m

The Calculation

The amount of drop of the ceiling. Preset @ 100mm
The length's of main cross bar's and the perimeter trim's can be different.
The main cross bar length it comes in is preset @ 3.6 metres and the perimeter wall angle trim @ 3 metres. Change as needed.
  1. select ceiling tile size ( either 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 1200mm)
  2. enter room length A (the length measured perpendicular to the direction of the joist)
  3. enter room length B (the length measured along the direction of the joist)


  1. perimeter of the ceiling
  2. square metres of the ceiling
  3. number of row's of main cross bars in your ceiling
  4. number of tiles needed
  5. perimeter trim lengths needed
  6. main cross bar lengths needed
  7. 1200mm cross bars needed
  8. 600mm cross bars needed
  9. minimum amount of wire support anchors needed (for supporting the grid)
  10. amount of tie wire in lineal metres

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