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Dropped (Suspended) Ceiling Materials

Estimate the amount of materials you need for your dropped (suspended) ceiling.

The calculation of material needed is based on measurements, but the actual amounts needed could be slightly different depending on how you lay out the grid. Quite often you are not able to use full lengths. For instance if you need 4 runs of 13' main T's, based on lineal feet needed you should be able to do this with 5 x 12' lengths. The ends of the main's clip together which makes levelling easier and in this case it would be easier to budget in wasting the 8' left overs and getting 6 of these lengths. The left over 8' would not be a total waste as you can use them for the smaller cross T's. Alternately, with a bit of creative cutting, you could create a new end that can clip into another section.

  • Round the room lengths up to the nearest full foot value. It will accept decimal values.
  • Wire support anchors are based on 4 per length of main T bar and you may require a few more.
  • The amount of tie wire needed is based on number of support anchors, drop of ceiling in inches and additional 4" per individual length.
  • It is important to use the corresponding length for A and B values according to ceiling joist direction.
Dropped (Suspended) Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling

Tile Size 24" x 24"
24" x 48"
Ceiling Drop Measured in Inches in
Perimeter Trim Size ft
Main T bar Length ft
Ceiling Length A
(measured perpendicular to joist)
Ceiling Length B
(measured in direction of the joist)


Perimeter of Ceiling ft
Ceiling Square Footage of Ceiling ft²
Number of Rows Main T Bar's #
Tiles Needed 24" x 24" #
Tiles Needed 24" x 48" #
Lengths of Perimeter Trim Needed #
Lengths of Main T Bar's Needed #
4 foot T's #
2 foot T's #
Tie Wire Support Anchors #
Lineal Feet of Tie Wire ft

The Calculation

The drop of the ceiling. Preset @ 4"
Main T bar's and the perimeter trim's can come in different lengths
Main T bar length is preset @ 12' and the perimeter trim @10'.
  1. select tile size ( either 24" x 24" or 24" x 48")
  2. enter ceiling length A (the length measured perpendicular to the direction of the joist)
  3. enter ceiling length B (the length measured along the direction of the joist)


  1. perimeter of the ceiling
  2. square footage of the ceiling
  3. number of row's of main T bars
  4. number of tiles needed
  5. perimeter trim lengths needed
  6. main T bar lengths needed
  7. 4' T bars needed
  8. 2' T bars needed
  9. minimum amount of wire support anchors needed (for supporting the grid)
  10. amount of tie wire in lineal feet

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