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Drywall Materials Calculator

Calculate the amount of drywall boards needed from the square footage of an area that needs to be boarded.

Drywall Materials Calculated from Square Footage

Square Footage to be Boarded ft²
Board Size length:
Waste Percentage %


Boards Needed #
Boards Needed Including Waste #
Length of Tape Needed ft
Number of Screws #
Ready-Mixed Joint Compounds lbs
Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound gal

The Calculation

  1. the area that needs to be boarded measured in square feet
  2. the size of board you are using
  3. add a waste factor in a percentage


  1. number of drywall boards needed
  2. number of boards including waste factor
  3. tape needed in lineal feet of tape
  4. number of screws needed
  5. standard joint compound in lbs
  6. lightweight all purpose compound in gallons (easier to work with)

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