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This calculator can be used for any type of flooring that comes in planks such as hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, and cork flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Calculator
Hardwood Flooring Calculator

Flooring Calculator

Room Length A ft in n     
Room Length B ft in
Expansion Gap n
Exposed Face in n
Square Feet/ Carton ft ²
Waste %


Square Footage of Room ft²
Planks to Cover Floor lineal feet
# Of Full Rows in Flooring #
Starting Row Plank Width in
Flooring needed cartons
Waste Adds cartons
Amount of Cartons Needed cartons

The Calculation

  1. enter length A of the room. (feet+inches) Note: flooring runs perpendicular to the length A of the room
  2. enter the length B of the room. (feet+inches)
  3. enter the exposed face of the plank. (inches)
  4. enter the expansion gap (fraction of an inch)
  5. enter the square footage a carton of flooring covers (sq. ft. /carton)
  6. enter a waste factor. (percentage)


  1. Square Footage of Room: the calculation for flooring needed allows for 1/2" expansion gap around the room
  2. Amount of Planks to Cover Floor: The amount of flooring needed in lineal feet to cover the floor.
  3. # Of Full Rows Across Floor: # of rows with full width planks from end to end.
  4. the width of the first plank (based on Length A - twice the expansion gap * full rows )
  5. number of cartons needed
  6. the amount of cartons a waste % adds
  7. total amount of cartons needed including waste %

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