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Wall Insulation plus Cost of the Insulating Material

Calculate the amount of insulation needed to insulate a wall plus the total cost of the insulation material. Can be used for insulation that comes in batt's or rolls and is based on that you get the right sized insulation based on on centre spacing of the studs.

Wall Insulation/Plus Cost

Wall Length ft in
Wall Height ft in
Openings not Needing Insulation ft²
Coverage ft²
Price of One Bundle $


Square Footage of Wall(s) ft²
Number of Bundles Needed #
The Cost of Insulation $

The Calculation

  1. enter the length of the wall
  2. enter the height of the wall
  3. enter the square footage of openings not needing to be insulated (doors, windows)
  4. coverage of one bag or roll (in square feet)
  5. cost of one bag or roll of material


  1. square footage of the wall(s)
  2. number of bundles or rolls needed
  3. cost of the insulation based on number of bundles or rolls needed

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