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Spindle Spacing Calculator

Calculate the number of spindles needed and the space in-between the spindles. This calculator can also be used for pales and pickets. Doing this work is much easier using metric measurements. But for those of you that don't want to invest in a metric tape here is a version for feet and inches.

And yes! we name balusters spindles and while I am at it, you really should not use the word linear in construction when buying lineal lengths.

Even Spindle Spacing

Rail Length ft in n
Spindle Width in n
Required Minimum Spacing in n
Denominator Precision in


Space in Decimal in
Space with Exact Fraction in
Space with Useable Fraction in
Number of Spindles #

Results Two:

Rail Length in
Calculated Length in
MinusinDivided by # of spaces
PlusinDivided by # of spaces
Length to add or subtract in

The Calculation

  1. enter the rail length (in feet + inch + fraction or inches + fraction)
  2. the width of one spindle
  3. the minimum required spacing between the spindles
  4. denominator precision (denominator used for usable fraction. Preset @ 16)


  1. space between spindles in decimal format
  2. space between spindles with exact fraction
  3. space between spindles with a usable fraction
  4. number of spindles
Forcing the fraction to a usable format requires a certain amount of rounding. Depending on the measurements you could loose or gain a bit. The results "two" checks to see how much difference there is in the actual rail length and the length calculated from the space (usable fraction result) and spindle width.

Results Two

  1. rail length in inches
  2. calculated rail length based on # of spindles and the spacing with the usable fraction
  3. minus amount (the amount the calculated result is less than the rail length)
  4. plus amount (the amount the calculated result is more than the rail length)
  5. The amount you have to adjust the space with (very close estimate. Increase the space if there is a less result, decrease if there is a plus result)

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