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Tiles Needed for Tiling an Area in Square Feet

Calculate the amount of tiles needed to cover an area in square feet.

The result should give a good estimate of the amount of tiles needed for your area.

Tiles Needed Calculator

Area ft²
Tile Length inch
Tile Width inch
Spacing inch
Waste %


Number of tiles needed #
Number of tiles including waste #


  1. Area in square feet.
  2. Tile size length and width in inches
  3. Tile spacing/grout line in inch (not required)
  4. Waste factor in percentage.

The inches have to be entered in decimal format
Fraction in decimal format:
fraction    decimal inch
1/2"           0.50
7/16"          0.44
3/8"           0.38
5/16"          0.31
1/4"           0.25
3/16"          0.19
1/8"           0.13
1/16"          0.06
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