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Wallpaper Calculator for estimating the number of rolls of wallpaper you need.

Estimate the number of wallpaper rolls you will need to cover a wall using Imperial measurements.

Wallpaper comes in a variety of widths and lengths.

Standard roll widths;
European/Metric 20 1/2 inch.
American rolls 27 inches. 
Commercial wallpaper is available in various widths 36", 48", 54" and 60".

Check the specifications of the wallpaper you are planning to use. It should tell you the roll width, length and the pattern (design) repeat. These, plus wall length and height are the values you will need to calculate the number of rolls you need to cover your wall.

The pattern repeat will calculate the usable amount of your roll of wallpaper. It will deduct a certain amount of waste you will get for having to match the design of your wallpaper for each drop. Adding a certain amount in addition to this for waste is not a bad idea. Having an extra roll of wallpaper will make your life much easier.

For wall openings such as windows and doors, ignore smaller sizes and calculate the total square footage of all openings combined that you wish to deduct from the area you are covering in wallpaper.

Wall Paper

Length of Wall ft inch
Height of Wall ft inch
Wall Openings ft ²
Width of Roll inch
Length of Roll ft
Pattern Repeat inch
Waste %


Square Feet of Wall ft ²
Rolls to Cover Wall #
Waste Adds #
# of Rolls Needed #

The Calculation

  1. enter the length of the wall. (feet + inches)
  2. the height of the wall. (feet + inches)
  3. the total amount of wall openings. (in square feet)
  4. the width of the roll of wallpaper. (inches)
  5. the length of the roll of wallpaper. (feet)
  6. the pattern (design) repeat of your wallpaper. (inches)
  7. a waste factor if required. ( in a percentage)


  1. the square footage of your wall minus openings (if any openings)
  2. the exact number of rolls needed to cover the wall
  3. number of rolls added for the waste factor
  4. the total number of wallpaper rolls you will need
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