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Capacity of a Square or Rectangular Shaped Cistern, Metric

Calculate the volume of a square or rectangular shaped shaped cistern using metres as the unit of measurement.

Capacity of a Square or Rectangular Shaped Cistern

Square/Rectangle Cistern Capacity - Metric

Inside Length of Cistern m
Inside Width of Cistern m
Inside Height of Cistern m


Volume of Cistern
Capacity of Cistern-Litres L
Capacity of Cistern-US Gallons gal
Capacity of Cistern-Imperial Gallons gal


  1. enter the inside length of the cistern (metres)
  2. enter the inside width of the cistern (metres)
  3. enter the inside height of the cistern (metres)


  1. volume of cistern in Cubic Metres
  2. capacity of cistern in Litres
  3. capacity of cistern in US Gallons
  4. capacity of cistern in Imperial Gallons
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